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3018 Griffin Ave – Day 1 Before Pictures & Videos

Front Facade First Day

Southeast Corner First Day

Northeast Corner First Day

Rear of House First Day

Back Yard From Alley Showing Two Car Garage. The Mimosa tree is being cut down in front of the second garage door. The rear fence will be removed to gain access to the yard with a roll off container for debris.

Rear Yard First Day

Rotted Soffits First Day

Front Door First Day – Covered Over By Wooden Panels – Radiators Still In Place

Foyer and Staircase – First Day

Living Room – First Day – Note kitchen cabinets had been removed due to flooding when pipes burst over the winter.

Looking from foyer into living room and arch to dining room, kitchen, and full bath. Cabinets from kitchen were removed when the pipes froze and flooded kitchen..

Foyer, open staircase, front door and door/stairs to basement.

Staircase – still not sure if I am going to strip banister or just repaint it. The newel post has been partially stripped already.

Bedroom 1 – Before – This was used as a walk in closet and dressing room. Two windows face the front lawn/street. The floor has a faux parquet vinyl floor that will be removed to show hard woods and they will be refinished. A small closet makes this an ideal kid’s room, guest room or office.

Master Bedroom – Before – Rear SW corner. Two windows, closet and hard woods. Here you can see the dark stains left when the radiators burst in each room during the cold snap of February 2015. This will become a master suite with a door into the 4th bedroom that will be converted to a bathroom and closet space.

Dining Room – Before – A pass through was installed during a mid 2000’s renovation and it will be opened up more to make it suitable for bottom cabinets and a bar. The recessed lights will be removed. There is a set of original French doors, two windows and a door into the central hall. The French Doors will be mounted on barn sliders to save valuable furniture placement space. The awning will also be removed and floors sanded and refinished.

Day 1 Lower Center Hall – Looking through the archway from foyer to the back door one can see the door to the walk out basement on the right, the second door being a coat closet and the third the current full bath (soon to be a half) To the left is the opening to LR and farther down, dining room. All doors and moldings are intact as is hardware.

Kitchen – Before – Day 1 – The kitchen is small and currently the layout will not provide the new owners with the type of kitchen that is expected when a full renovation is undertaken. Here one can see that the kitchen is in a state of demolition already due to the flooding that occurred when the pipes and radiators burst during last February’s cold snap. Since the house had to be professionally “dried out” the kitchen cabinets were removed as well as the soaked plaster and wood. To the right behind the wall is a full bath that will be made into a half bath. We may use some of that bath space to enlarge the kitchen but will most likely use the rear addition to the left by deleting the double opening and continuing the cabinet run along the window wall to the left to incorporate the refrigerator and more cabinetry/drawers for storage.

The link below is to a video I shot on the day of closing when all the pipes and radiators had burst. I was in the basement in this video. Icicles much?

This picture shows the leaks coming from upstairs bathroom while house basically soaked itself. Old owners never turned off water and the oil tank ran dry the day before we were supposed to close during the cold snap of February 2015 #20degrees

The link below will also show you how/why the kitchen looks like this.

“Frozen” Video of The House Leaking

Kitchen – Day 1. The removal of plaster to dry out the kitchen left this. The kitchen will be fully stripped and sheet rocked with recessed lighting and a much improved layout.

Kitchen – Day 1 – I can’t even tell you how scary the inside of the fridge is, but use your imagination. It will be cleaned out and sold as it is a high end unit. Looking from the main kitchen to the rear addition which was extended by a previous owner. While long and narrow it will come in handy to expand the kitchen and give a place for the fridge that will integrate it into the overall renovation. The window to the right may be deleted to accommodate a complete cabinet run. Radiator removed. Wood floors will be refinished.

Bedroom 4/ Master Bath. Another view showing the door to the rear porch. Radiators are now gone.

This shot shows the damage that was done by the radiators when the froze and burst. The oil tank ran dry before we could close and the house basically looked like the Titanic before it sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Needless to say, we did not close and renegotiated with the bank to be compensated for new plumbing and heat. All the radiators have been recycled and removed. The floors, we hope, can be sanded and the stains removed. If not, we will have to go with a dark stain to match. Stay tuned!

Bedroom 1 – First Day – This is a small bedroom with small closet. They used this as a closet/dressing room and unfortunately put a vinyl paper on the floor….not sure why, but it will be a bear to get up. This will make a great office or children’s bedroom when we are done.

Detail of newel post We hope to strip it to its original wood and leave the lovely details exposed.

Looking from Dining Room into Living Room gives you a few of the original French Doors. They will be mounted on “barn tracks” to slide instead of swing into the space. This preserves precious wall space.

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