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3018 Griffin Avenue – Week Two

Upstairs Hall Bath – Gutted. A walk in shower will be built into the area in front of the window a pedestal sink and a new toilet. The floor will be period as will the tile that will be going up the back wall and sides of shower to the ceiling. The tile will need to come down next. Not original built in medicine cabinet.

Bedroom two – Overlooks front yard in SE side of house. Facade windows are 9 over 1 paned and the rest of the windows are single paned. We will try to fix and rehang them instead of using replacements. This room is the largest of the bedrooms which is typical in this type of home. The wallpaper has been removed. Wood floors will be refinished. The door to the left opens into the First Bedroom and will be taken out and used elsewhere for privacy.

Upstairs Hallway. The hall of doors. There are 6 doors in this small space and a lot of moldings and trip which makes it interesting. The floors had a faux wood linoleum over them….strange heh? I will never understand why people want to cover up perfectly good wood. That has been removed and next the wallpaper will be scraped. We are putting a drop down staircase for easy attic access in here as well.

Rear of house after vinyl was removed. The porch rail is now off and will be replaced with something more period-appropriate. The awnings will also be removed this weekend.

Facade shot showing the house with the vinyl removed. Once can see the contrast of the thick horizontal weatherboard on the lower half of the home and the original cypress shingles on the top half. At this point we are not sure that we can save the shingles but might find a Hardyplank tile in its place.

Tree removed from in front of doors to garage. Original everything and two windows. A little paint and it will be a huge asset to the project. I see a window box in its future!

Bedroom 1 – Floor Debacle – This adhesive faux parquet flooring was installed over……hard wood flooring….so yeah, explain this one to me? It will be a tough project and will most likely need a heat gun to get it up properly. Wish me luck….oy!

Death to the vinyl! All off including old storm doors and windows. To the recyclers it does!

Bedroom One – Week 2 – All the awful shelving and hanging bars are gone and the built in desk removed. *Breathe*

Bedroom 1 Week 2 – Another shot of the room clear of all the junk.

Bedroom 2 – Week 2 – The wallpaper is coming off. The chimney runs up the back wall. Water damage is old and was never fixed. I hate wallpaper BTW

Upstairs Hallway – Week 2 – Oh look, more wallpaper SMH

Bedroom 3/Master – Week 2. See the dead tub on the floor? It weights about 600 lbs. It may get reused. Can’t wait to make this into a suite.

Hall Bath – Week 2 – Another shot showing the bathroom before tile comes down.

Bedroom 4/ Future Master Bath – The yellow linoleum is gone…..ugh, There is nothing worse than undoing bad mistakes made by previous owners. Underneath the ugly 1970s yellow linoleum was what appears to be an original oil cloth type covering securely glued to the floor (the white blob) I guess this is why the put ugly yellow linoleum over it right? Again, a little heat and a lot of patience and maybe a few ^#(@&*$%# but it will be a beautiful wood floor in the master bathroom

Bedroom 2 Week Two – Remember that crack/giant in the ceiling? It keeps getting wider but I hope the ceiling doesn’t fall! eeek.

Rear of house – vinyl’s. I probably dislike awnings as much as I dislike vinyl siding and cyclone fences or anything non original or unsympathetic additions to a structure. The joke is that someone made a killing selling all three to the little old ladies in this neighborhood…oh and let’s not forget the dreaded “security doors” thinly disguised as storm doors. They are the first things I get rid of and these awning’s days are numbered.

Close up of the cedar siding with vinyl removed. We are going to try and save it. It is a custom milled product and very expensive to reproduce.

Front porch is in original condition. Storms will be off in a few days! Note how great the front entry looks with the wood boards removed. Light and bright!

Kitchen Annex – The window to the right will be removed and the opening removed to make way for a larger kitchen. The floors will be wood.

First Floor Bathroom – The cast iron tub is gone from in front of the window and the toilet and sink have been removed. The large window is great to have and we will try and save the original chair moulding and also try and uncover the current state of the wood floors (if there are any).

Kitchen Floor – There will be a WHOLE lot of sanding going on in here to get all of the original epoxy and glue from many layers of old linoleum. The plan will be to have wood floors in the redone kitchen.

Living Room @ 2 Weeks – With everything cleaned up we can see that the living room is full of character with original fireplace and mantle. Floors won’t require a ton of work. Thank Goodness.

The removal of a large air conditioner from the stairway landing has allowed for much more light and really brightened it up.

Living Room into Foyer – With the ugly boards removed from the front door and side lights the interior changes dramatically for the better. The inviting front hallway and staircase are just one of the many aspects of these homes that make them so desirable. Note the area where the radiator was removed on the wall.

Foyer and exposed entry stair. Under the arch to the right one can see the stairs leading to basement and side entrance. I am looking forward to finding a great light fixture for this space. I have also made plans to build a drop zone with a built in bench and storage on the wall beneath the staircase.

The basement is large. It is going to be dug out to create headroom. We installed can lights throughout to shed some light on al the junk left by previous owners. Walls came down and TWO furnaces were taken out along with the oil tank you can see in the corner (gone now) All radiator piping and plumbing was also removed. This is going to be one bad ass basement when I am done with it. Media room/Playroom, bedroom/office, and full bath and laundry. Niece

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