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December 1st – Rain Rain Go Away!

The rain just won’t stop this fall. So, yeah, rain-related delays along with the Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t leave me with a ton to post as we go into December. HOWEVER, this next two weeks will be when the best of the project comes together. Hardwood floors have just been started and are being sanded and prepped for the first coat of poly before we move on to the last coat of interior paint. We will then go back and buff and reapply two more coats of poly to complete wood floors. The only room in the house that will be tiled is the upstairs hall bath. The rest of the rooms save for the lower level will be hard wood and look amazing.

Today, 12/1, the new slab in the garage was poured. A 2 car garage in original shape is a rarity in Richmond City and we have done all we can to make it a versatile and inviting space. Tons of new outlets on the walls, storage above, high quality cabinets on the walls and ground and even a stainless steel fridge will be used to make a workshop anyone would be proud to own (and beer storage to boot!)

Today we also had the new floor poured in the lower level which now has 7 foot clearance and will be a media room, office/bedroom, full bath and mud room. This has been a long time coming as we had to wait for the city to inspect our new full bath plumbing rough in before we poured the slab. We also were able to put a sump pump and French drains in to keep it dry as a bone.

Appliances and kitchen cabinets are ready to be installed on hold until the floor in the basement, garage and house are ready so that we will have a place to store the new appliances and kitchen cabinets.

Plumbing has been completed and is ready for the installation of toilets, vanities and one more tub. We have passed both our plumbing and electrical inspections. Both systems having been fully changed out and upgraded.

This style appropriate front light fixture was a great find and compliments the Craftsman era this home was built in.

We have drainage! New downspouts and gutters!

The rear of the house with the doors painted.

Stair hall

Tyvek vapor barrier and insulation goes in before the floor is re-poured.

This view shows the lower level coming along and the new HVAC installation that has started. We are doing a dual zone system of 2 tons and 1.5 tons which will sufficiently heat and cool the house efficiently.

The floors have begun! Look at the beautiful heart pine come to life! It will be such a great step towards completing to see these done

Bedroom 1 almost ready for first coat of poly.

Little things like seeing the framing, tub and drywall completed in the hall bathroom really gives you the next push to keep moving on.

The dining room looks like another space now that the wainscoting has been completed and a first coat of gloss white has gone on them. The doors contrast nicely as well. They will be mounted on barn slider hardware soon.

More wainscoting

These LED black 52 inch fans with remote are in all three bedrooms and the LR/DR

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