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December 6th – The First Week Of December Is Over With Big Changes

Rear of house with exterior lighting up and running

We have light and electricity. The garage has been fully trimmed out inside, electrified, spots on either eve, and a new cement floor was poured. Pretty nifty. A new garage door will be installed soon.

Layer by layer the old glue and adhesive is coming off the kitchen floors.

Kitchen floor in the process of being sanded

Still can’t believe how good these came out. The right wall will have an entire cabinet wall/fridge/pantry

This anthracite gray vanity will be in the Master Bath and Lower Level Bath

This is the Upstairs Hall Vanity

Half Bath Vanity

Wall tile for hall bath

Floor tile for hall bath

Nobody believe me when I told them these would come out like this

Master Bedroom Floor

The new staircase leading to the lower level

Lots of wood.

Framing of the basement to create the lower level bedroom which will have a window

Lower level with the floors finally in (bathroom corner of floor)

Framing for the lower level bedroom wall started.

Freshly poured floor on the lower level

and more floor…..we are happy the floor is done

Lower Level Floor

Freshly poured cement floor in the garage

Garage workshop (old kitchen cabinets re-purposed

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