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November Is Off To A Big Start!

This neighborhood is part of the Richmond City Tax Abatement Program for which I applied last week. It was $125.00 but will give 10 years of tax abatement. The first 7 years are 100% and the last three diminish each year by 25%. It is also transferrable to any new owner. It is a great selling tool and benefits the new owners of 3018 Griffin! It is likely that they will be paying half of what they normally would pay maybe even less. A City Assessor will be coming over to value the home before renovation is completed (I hope they come quickly) and give it a value on which to base the tax abatement.

The back addition looking very original again. The mountain of dirt has come from digging the basement out about a foot giving nice 7.5 to 8 foot clearance of the addition of the media room, office, and full bath/mud room!

I LOVE my antique window!!!! The once dilapidated and poorly constructed addition that was an extension of the original small pantry at the rear of the house is getting new life. The roof was replaced 10 years ago and is now in good condition. However, the lack of gutters and downspouts and the failing of the previous roof had caused the siding to rot and some of the framing as well as a good portion of the original wood siding. We also added a vapor barrier under the new siding and it will be insulated top and bottom.

If you will remember, there were two side by side 6 over 6 double hung windows where the new historic window is now. They did not match anything on the house so I wanted it to look like it had always been there. I think we succeeded. Thanks to Eric Schmoltd with Advantage Construction for finding me this window!

I LOVE MY NEW POLE AND RAILING! Another great job and thank you to Eric Schmoltd of Advantage Construction who was able to repurpose the “Richmond Rail” as it is known which would have been original. There crowning glory of this new rear porch is the historic column also repurposed form another renovation. It adds tons to the overall look with our determined effort to bring it back to the way it would have looked when built!

Interior view of pantry extension. As I explained before we took the window out to the right so the cabinets could run uninterrupted from one end of the kitchen all the way to the right of the new rear window. Lucky to have solid wood in here so we don’t have to replace or put tile in. Still plenty of light and a view from two windows! If you look at the ceiling you can see the rot and discoloration from a past failed roof and this is being addressed as well.

The basement is dug out and we will be removing two of the three columns to make way for a giant media/rec room. The clay is thick and messy but it is now dug out and we are putting in french drains around the perimeter to assure a dry space. If you look at the top of the picture you can see the new beams to support the removal of this column. Looking at the wall you can see how far it was dug out to make it a really nice space when finished off.

This picture shows the French Drains being dug along the perimeter. Gravel and punctuated PVC piping will be laid into the perimeter channel and angled to allow the water to either run to the main drain or to a sump pump. We are waiting on the plumber to let us know which was will work best.

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