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November – Week 3 Changes

The finished rear addition with the siding on, the 1880’s farmhouse window installed and new porch, railing and post. Now it looks like it did when it was built!

The period correct “real” lattice work has been installed and the hunt was worth the results! Brick staircase will be repointed, lattice painted white and rails a gloss black.

Master Closet – frame out.

This is close to what the kitchen will look like. I am doing an oversized dove grey subway tile and my upper cabinets are 42 with a crown molding but thought you would like to see it “in the flesh” so to speak.

I was messing around with door/drawer hardware at the showroom. I like these options.

Foyer/Hallways/Staircase color

Bedrooms will all be this hue

The master bath closet is done! The doors have a very small footprint (18 inches) and are in keeping with the other original doors in scale and style. We reproduced the trim to match the rest of the house and they will be painted to match the rest (dark grey)

One cannot truly understand the joy of seeing the master soaking tub installed in the new Master Bath. In fact, the old door to the hallway was located here before being sheet rocked over and closed up. The new owners will love this extra deep tub

Upstairs hallway, stair hall, lower hallway and foyer will be this shade of gray with gloss white trim and dark doors. Clean. Modern. Neutral

The most daring of the color choices will be going into the half bath. We will be doing a gloss white painted bead board on the lower half and a dark anthracite gray on the top. Should be cool. Half bath will have wood floors too.

The front two rooms (LR/DR) will be painted a green/gray from Sherwin Williams

Walls continue to be prepped and repaired and made ready for paint with primer and skim coating.

The kitchen is being sheet rocked and insulated. Excited!

This is a view of the newly opened up kitchen door passage. It is about a foot higher and without the trim it is in keeping with the previous renovations breakfast bar opening. It really opens up the kitchen nicely. We are saving the moldings and door for another room (now worries!)

The breakfast bar has been sheet rocked and is ready to receive the cabinets and butcher block top that were ordered this past week. The opening is now at the same height as the newly opened up doorway to the kitchen (below) and the arch to the extension/addition off the back. Much more uniform and open. The dining room will be getting wainscoting to add some period vintage architectural interest.

The first floor hallway is doorway intensive with 5 openings in a very small area. I took the door to the kitchen off and opened it up to create a stronger visual line to the rear door and view of the yard beyond. It really frees up the space visually and imparts a cleaner look with the new openings for the extended kitchen and breakfast bar opening.

The last two weeks have been spent preparing the interior for paint. The walls have been skim coated and made smooth, primed and repaired. New drywall was added where needed. I will be removing the French Doors, painting them and mounting them on the LR side on sliding “barn” hardware. They will no longer take up precious floor space and be seen upon entry to the home adding architectural interest. The fireplace mantel will be painted a high gloss ebony

The door hardware has been removed and the doors painted (all will be this color) and we will be installing new back iron knobs and locks. The door to the right will be mounted on sliding barn hardware so it will not encroach on the hallway space. This will make this upstairs hall far more usable.

This corner will be where the bedroom will be which will have a door into the bathroom and one into the central hallway. One can see the plumbing, main drain and sump pump having already been installed in the right hand corner for the new full bath, laundry room, hot water heater to the back right.

As you can see the gravel has gone down to make a footing for the new cement floor that will be poured. The third column was removed creating a very large space with no interruption for the main room which will have two windows and be wired for what will be a media room/family room/playroom. One can see the amount of headroom that was going by digging out the floor about a foot. The new beams act to reinforce the main beam and make up for the removal of the third column.

Plumbing has started and the old iron main drain has been removed and new PEX is installed. The basement corner will be where the full bathroom will be installed with a mud room in the foreground for the washer/dryer, HVAC blower unit and new hot water heater. A hallway from the media room will be built to access both bathroom and mudroom as well as a new bedroom/office in the opposite corner. All rooms will have windows which is a nice bonus in a lower level.

The soffits are being replaced with tongue and groove original wood to keep it as original as we can.

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