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TGIF Friday the 13th Updates! This is how we do it!


What a difference historically correct lattice makes! Took a little looking but I got the look I wanted. It will be painted soon. All the broken glass is replaced and you can move all the windows (newly hung with new rope and weights) with a finger Griff is looking pretty scrumptious!

Oh how much attention has been lavished on such a small part of the house that is crucial to soooo much. Here is the finished kitchen pantry which was expanded at an unknown later date (1950s?) that shows the siding done and the lovely 1880’s farmhouse window fully finished out!! Oh and the porch post is 2D4! What is that trench you say? It is the new electrical line to the garage! Oh and we passed our electrical rough in with flying colors!

The ugly yellow 4th bedroom is now under full transformation into a master bath replete with double closets for that clotheshorse in everyone’s life. Plenty of space here. Two saloon-style 18inch doors will fill the openings. Space saving and cool More pix to come!

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